Pi Hax: Connecting A Raspberry Pi Via Console USB MAC


In this hax, I will explain how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a computer using a USB cable you can purchase here or here. ($8 – $12)
* I am currently using the one from ADAFruit

You need to connect the 4 cables so that:

  • The Red Cable to Pin 2 (5v)
  • The Black Cable to Pin 6 (Ground)
  • The White Cable to Pin 8 (TXD)
  • The Green Cable to Pin 10 (RXD)


Once connected, check that the USB is being recognized:

  • Go to the top left Apple > About This Mac > System Report…
  • In the Hardware Section, you should see something like this

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 12.18.22 PM

The vendor for my USB cable is Prolific Tech. It appears that it might not be recognized by Mac OS Yosemite without a driver. If you are having trouble connecting to the Raspberry Pi, try downloading the driver here.

Once its connected, open up terminal and try the following:

screen /dev/cu.usbserial 115200

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It might tell you that is was unable to find the device. Disconnect the pi, reconnect, and then try the screen command again.

Once connected it, you should get something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 12.54.44 PM

The default username and password for the raspberry pi is:

raspberrypi login: pi
password: raspberry

*Note the password will not show when you type it in. Just press enter after you have typed out raspberry.

Thats it! You should be successfully connected to the CLI of the Pi 😀